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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions regarding our services, turnaround time, schedule of charges, our working model & business hours, files transfer method, file format, whether to send Camera RAW or any other formats, payment gateway/billing cycle, confidentiality of your images & contents, quality assurance, etc. You will most likely find the answers for your questions listed below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A friendly agent will be glad to get back to you within an hour.

What are your Professional Services?

We provide our clients with all sorts of Image Processing and Editing Services, meeting and exceeding even the most rigorous requirements. Our service offerings include the following:

Can I have your services from my country?

It’s no big deal where you are located. We have been providing services to our valued clients globally and we have also been contacted from both the USA and European Union. You can use our services from anywhere in the world with access to internet :-).

What is your pricing structure?

We always look to provide you with the best service at an affordable cost. Please visit our Pricing page for details.

What is your turnaround time?

Our regular turnaround time is 1-24 hours. If you need faster service, we got you covered. For 10-30 images, you can request an express delivery for a - One Hour Delivery Time. Turnaround time also depends upon image difficulty level. So, if you want us to give you a realistic time-frame, please send us a sample image or two.

What is your working model and business hours?

We have a dynamic team of talented individuals whose aim is to provide you with unbeatable service. We operate a three shift (24 hour) working model and remarkable turnaround time. No matter if it’s a holiday, we are available 24x7 & 365 days a year.

Can I check the quality of work for free?

Absolutely, you can check the quality of our work at absolutely no cost. All you need to do is send us an image or two; now it’s our turn to impress you with the quality we provide which will be maintained consistently. Here we go: Test Image

What are the charges for your services?

Price generally depends upon image complexity. Quantity matters as well; we may give a low rate for bulk orders. Please visit our Pricing Schedule Page for details. In addition, we can ensure the best possible quality at an affordable cost, like our Clipping Path Service @ US $0.49, and many some others. If you want a realistic quotation for your images Click Here.

Is there any minimum quantity of images to submit an order?

There is no parameter or minimum quantity of images for orders. You can even place an order for a Single Image. We would be happy to serve you, no matter the order size.

How do I transmit the files?

We have options available for you to transmit your files the easiest way possible. It’s not a complex process when we assist you. You can also ask for an FTP Account with UNLIMITED disk space if that’s what you’re looking for. You may also use our Web-Uploader.

Will you setup an FTP account for me?

Yes, we will setup an FTP Account for you upon your request. You can transfer large files over our faster and secure FTP server. If you want it now, just Click Here.

Can I use my own FTP server to transfer the files?

Why not? You can use your own FTP server to transmit the files. We give you room for choice. :-)

What are other options to send you the files?

There are options for you to send us your files as well. Apart from using our FTP Server or Web-Uploader, you can send us your files using other third party providers like:

Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt) | We Transfer | SendSpace and etc.

What is the maximum file size I can send?

We do not care about the file size; you will find no limit if you use our FTP server. You will likely have a limit of 2GB for files using other files transfer practices like Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt) or We Transfer.

What file format should I send you?

Any image format you want to send us is fine.

What if I send you the RAW files?

We value your time and don’t want to force you to convert images from Camera RAW to any other formats. You can send us RAW images and we will convert them to the required format without losing image quality.

What format will I get my files back in?

It depends upon what you’re looking for. We usually send the files back in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD (or as the way they came to us). If you want your images in a specific format, let us know and we will deliver to your specifications.

Do you maintain confidentiality of images and content?

Strictly! Under any and all circumstances, we keep the secrecy of your images and supplies.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept payment via PayPal and offer you to pay us by Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer/Cheque Sending.

What is your billing cycle?

Most of our clients love to send payments on a basis of Net-10 & Net-15 as most order on a regular basis. With a small quantity of images, clients prefer to make payments as images are received.

Can you ensure quality work consistently?

This is a very common question we receive. Why? Because clients are tired of abide with it. We care for our clients and are looking for long-term business relationships. Keeping the quality consistently constant is our commitment.

I have more questions to ask!

We are here for you and are eagerly ready to listen to any questions you may have. Please leave us a message by simply filling out the form below. If you need further assistance, you can send us an email directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will be more than happy to assist you.

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