Shadow Making Service

An image alone can be bland, and often times when trying to sell a product one might want to see a reflection of an image on the surface below it. A shadow creating service allows the client to take an image without a reflection, and give it a unique touch by creating a reflection or shadow around the image. This allows for a more appealing look to a product or household item, while eliminating the need for a reflective service when taking the picture.

Who Might Use this Service?

More than likely, a business or small entrepreneur would be interested in this service, as it makes a product look more appealing to the naked eye, while cutting out the cost and effort of needing to move the item onto a reflective service. Creating a reflection shadow on an image can be the deciding factor when a customer looks at different products, as it makes the product look flashy and attractive, while maintaining a professional appearance. Although the majority of clients would most likely be businesses, the consumer market doesn’t stop there. Anyone who would enjoy seeing a reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or product shadow on their item would be interested in this service.

Benefits of Using a Shadow Creating Service

The benefits of a shadow making service range from a cut in budget (saving the customer money) to a huge decrease in the time it takes to set up the picture of the product or item. When running a business, there is very little time to take new pictures of the items, as there are much bigger concerns, and being able to customize what type of shadow or reflection shadow would be best for the product without the need to take multiple pictures of the item on a surface that may never turn out correct anyway saves that much needed time.

The shadow creating service also comes with bulk discounts, meaning that when the client needs a group of pictures with their own customized reflections or shadows, the cost per picture decreases. This is great for anyone looking to start a new business or line of products, as this money can then be put into the business or product of their choosing.

What Are the Different Types of Shadows Offered?

At Adept Clipping Path we offer shadow creating services which include reflection shadow,natural shadow, product shadow and drop shadow, so no matter what type of shadow you might desire, there is an option for you.