What Is Image Background Removal Service?

Whether you are a professional photographer or simply take photographs as a hobby there are going to be times when you end up with something in the background that you do not want to be there. As a professional photographer you may be taking product pictures and end up with a background or backdrop that you do not want or shadows that do not work in the photograph. If that is the case Adept Clipping Path’s (ACP) services can help you with background remove and even object removing from you photographs.

More often than not you will find that the background of the image may not look as nice as the focus or the main object of the image and that you would like to remove the background to make the main object standout more. For example if you are taking photographs of some beautiful jewelry but you find that your white background does not look as white as you want it to or you think the jewelry would look better on a different color of background Adept Clipping Path can go in and remove the background making your jewelry standout. We can also do object removing so if you end up with unwanted objects in your image that do not look good or you simply find that you do not the way they look with the other objects they can easily be removed by our services so that your photograph looks more professional. You also never know when you will want to snap a quick picture when you are out and about and sometimes you may end up with someone or something in the background that you want to cut out and replace with a different background. If you find yourself with this kind of issue, we can handle this and fix background remove issues that you may have.

The professionals at Adept Clipping Path manually use Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool to manually clip paths (called as Clipping Path / Deep Etch) that are used for background knockout. We don’t use Magic Wand Tool or any others easiest way to do it; which really can’t meet clients’ requirements. Background knockout is when they simply completely knockout or remove the background from the image and it can be replaced with another type of background of either a solid color or for more advanced needs a different image background can be put in place. By using Clipping Path it is set to use pixels to determine the areas that need to modified and the areas in the photograph that do not need to be modified. They use deep etching which is a clipping path that allows them to cut out the image. Deep etching generally means taking out the background of an image and leave it as transparent mostly likely in PNG file format. At Adept Clipping Path we know what these mean and can endure that your images will be of the highest quality.