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Fashion-related businesses benefit greatly from a satisfying presentation. Well, what would be possible without letting people know about the options you have?  None actually. But, that is not all. Almost every online and offline marketer dealing with garments or apparel focuses on the best presentable view.Let's start with the definition of Image Manipulation Service before moving on to the detailed explanation.

The process to remove the unwanted mannequin from a photo to give an apparel a ghostly hollow look is the Creative Photo Manipulation Service. The basic requirement is an apparel photo with the mannequin from the front and with or without the mannequin of the back part.

The rest of the job lies in the expertise and dedication of professional photoshop photo manipulation artists. In essence, there have been some actions that will also be discussed further down. But, making the presentation eye-catchy and perfect all the way, the expertise level of an editor matters like nothing else.

Image Manipulation Service
Why Choose Adept Clipping Path for Image Manipulation Service

Why Choose Adept Clipping Path for Image Manipulation Services?

So, the Ghost Mannequin Picture Editing Service is photo editing that gives a ghostly empty effect of an outfit by making the mannequin invisible. To remove the mannequin and bring back sections, we employ a variety of Photoshop tools and techniques. The final photograph appears to be worn by an invisible person. Adept Clipping Path is capable and efficient to serve you with the performance you want.

If you like, you may also use retouching to fix any faults in the image. The endeavor to improve the subject for a better view begins with creative photo manipulation services. Photo retouching is a competence of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services. To get the finest results, we employ a combination of Photoshop methods.

Quality is our first strength where talent and expertise level lies within. It is a matter of work dedication that makes us one of the best Photo Manipulation Service providers in the world. The job is not only a task to complete, it greatly depends on perfection to gain the best output. The cost issue is in the second position where the turnaround time comes next. We maintain all the necessities reasonably and keep them affordable for clients.

Who mostly needs Photo Manipulation Services?

Before we explain individuals or companies who may need the Image Manipulation Services, it's crucial to ask first why do you need image manipulation for your eCommerce business. Of course, the apparels or garments get a hollow look with a 3-D view that is significant, there are more to go.

Making the apparel presentation with a beautiful eye-catchy look without any distractions is the primary thing you get from this. Then comes the cost-saving where you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on human models who prepare themselves for this purpose. Well, human models are the best choice today for all kinds of apparel views because of attachment and necessity. Also, there are more to go as the necessity of the service.

So, the people who need the service the most are apparel manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and sellers. In a word, the human beings who are directly involved in apparel manufacturing, marketing, and selling are in the front row.

Photo Manipulation Service is also used by photographers because ghost mannequin photography manipulation differs from regular ones. Professional photographers simply do not engage time to devote to this type of editing. Liaison houses that receive orders from other clients also require this service.

Digital Image Manipulation

Professional Image Manipulation Portfolio

Are you in search of someone or a company who is specialized in Ghost Mannequin Service retouching your photos? Introducing Adept Clipping Path to provide you with the finest online photo manipulation with lots of positive activities. Editing is just a discipline that professional graphic designers excel at. Professional Ghost Mannequin Services are provided.

We can go with any type of photograph you got for editing. Users don't really need to second-guess their decision to hire us. You may look over our completed photographs and try out the free trials. Furthermore, we have an unlimited revision facility if there is a situation with the quality. So, for a Professional Ghost Mannequin Service near you, give us a touch.


Have a free trial of the Creative Photo Manipulation Services here at Adept Clipping Path. We value your requirement and get back with the done file within the shortest period. Also, you can ask for a quote providing the photo and instructions. Our customer support division will get back to you with the quote in a short time. Try us for free.

Photo Manipulation Services We Offer

The editing methods of the Photo Manipulation Service are almost the same. The contrast is about how the tailoring is conducted on the clothing as well as how the final version is portrayed. We'll need a couple of photos of the same outfit taken from various angles with a mannequin.

Later on, we do the work to remove the mannequin and add the required parts in order to complete the whole apparel in 3-D. Well, this does not indicate the object created by three-dimensional software but the view that shows. The categories are;

Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

The primary idea is that when the mannequin is removed, the rear section of the room will be empty. Furthermore, without the rear section, the garment will be obscured. Then, the back of the garment provides areas such as labels, size information, brand name, and so on. To have a flawless vision we take care.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Start From-$1.00/image

The most appealing kind of manipulation service is the ghost mannequin. You may need a single appearance of the apparel without the mannequin or 360° rotation. Both of the requirements follow the basic cut and joint process. But, for the 360° rotation, we will need photos in different angles by rotating the apparel with the mannequin.

Sleeve Joint

Sleeve Joint

Start From-$1.50/image

Sleeves Mannequin Effect is used to finish the visual appearance, much as the other categories. And then there's this one for the clothing's sleeves. The entire garment shot with the mannequin, as well as the reverse of the sleeve without it, will be required. We'll link the back section for sleeves, much like the other Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing.

How Is Digital Image Manipulation Done?

The Ghost Mannequin Service works in a similar manner to other picture editing services. Clipping Path, Retouching, Manipulation, Enhancements, and more are some of the services you are acknowledged for.

We start by removing the clothing pieces from the entire image. Clipping Path Service is to perform this technique. We said 'Apparel Parts' since the operation requires front and back parts. Second, for a flawless presentation, we remove pollutants, wrinkles, and anything else that is detrimental.

After that, we combine the front and rear halves of the subject with a solid-colored backdrop. We also eliminate the spreading and create a shadow behind the front section. We employ animation with rotational time adjustment for 3D/360° Packshot when asked.

The whole operation is handled by the professionals of Adept Clipping Path. Every step is so focused to maintain the best output and we do it precisely.

Benefits of hiring us for Image manipulation services

The benefits of Adept Clipping Path’s Photoshop Manipulation Services return in various forms. The first one is the commitment that we give you. We always work for our reputation so the commitment is very serious for us. You will get the best performance you ask for and we make sure to do that for you without any excuses. 

For an online business, Ghost Mannequin Editing Service is vital. If you prefer to employ the human model, certainly can, but there will be some circumstances when you won't be able to. Human figures should be more beneficial for the best presentation possible. So, we make the best of your apparel presentation.

Models are, nevertheless, costly, and they are not available at any time. Additionally, models spend a considerable amount of money to keep their bodies in decent form, breathtaking, and appealing. Literally, the photo session they charge is quite reasonable.

But, apparel with mannequins is less price-consuming and we keep the editing cost affordable for you. Adept Clipping Path ensures quality and low-cost service so that you can save more.

Advantages Of Image Manipulation Service

You may also refer to this mannequin as a magical one. In the context of picture editing, the term "ghost" denotes "invisible." A mannequin is a fake doll that looks like a real person. 'Photo Editing Service' refers to the changes we make to the photograph. Nevertheless, there seems to be one central question: why? And what were the pros as well?

Well, without any advantage, there will be no need of creating any service or option. So, obviously, there will be a bunch of advantages of Image Manipulation in real life. And, they are;

  • Saves the cost of the human model or live characters in the manner of photography with an apparel
  • Mannequin is a one-time investment and no need to do additional maintenance as humans require.
  • Mannequins come in default shapes. So, you will have your apparel with the same shape again and again.
  • The Photoshop Photo Manipulation Service is quite effective to bring the best look by removing the mannequin.
  • The hollow look after the editing comes with an appealing view filled with graphical perfection.
  • The service cost is pretty reasonable when outsourced from Adept Clipping Path.

Best Photo Manipulation Service You Will Receive

The term 'ghost' refers to something that is not visible or hollow and that is the vital thing of Image Manipulation Service. The method is an editing service that vanishes the mannequin from clothing through a set of operations. So, you need completely polished apparel images for presentation. And, the look that can attract clients with a higher conversion possibility.

To finish the mission, we need to do many actions so that you do not need to take any pain. To commence, extract the clothing from either the rest of the image. The inclusion of the rear section completes the appearance of the garment. Next, we may need to remove impurities and correct wrinkles.

The back section and the front part should complement each other and be relevant leaving traces of graphic manipulation. There are a few more things we need to accomplish in order to build a clever and flawless presentation. And, that is the thing where Adept Clipping Path focuses the most. And, to do so, we implement all the necessary methods required in a systematic manner. In fact, you will receive the best Photo Manipulation Service available.

Why Preferring Our Image Manipulation Service Can Serve Good For Your Business?

One of Adept Clipping Path's areas of expertise is Photoshop image manipulation, which we use on garment images. Intimate editing is done with the best photo editing program and the most powerful picture editing application. Our highly skilled picture editors are capable of handling such a task.

We circulate our editors 24 hours a day in shifts and seven days a week to ensure that manufacturing does not halt. Our customer service department is also available round the clock. We look to provide you with the highest level of care by working extremely hard and appropriately. We monitor all the activities by three-layer quality checkups to avoid mistakes of any sort.

Furthermore, if we find any errors in our work, we offer an infinite number of revisions. And, that is not in words only. We ensure you have the support without any difficulty. Well, this is an option that you might require but the best part of all kinds of photo editing is delivery with accuracy.

So, you do not need revision if there is any unexpected situation that comes up. And, we believe, the better we can serve the more benefit you can have in your business.

What Actions Does The Professional Photo Manipulation Services Cover To Create A Magical Photo?

The steps built in the Image Manipulation Service are already mentioned above in the “How Is Digital Image Manipulation Done?” Even so, there are also some important things to know concerning the end photo's after-effects. And, these actions make it possible to create magical photos with efficiency.

  1. First and foremost, the Clipping Path Service is used to separate the garment picture from the background and the mannequin. Obviously, this primary step makes way for further operations convenient and perfect. And, this makes the garment or apparel free of any distractions.
  2. Joining the parts (front and back) of the apparel creates a seamless look that gives an appealing view. Actually, the hollow view looks more realistic than apparel on a hanger or flat lay on a plain surface.
  3. The shadow addition with the apparel and making the limit of it only on the inner side makes that realistic and exact. Well, not all apparel requires such action but where it does, it is truly remarkable.
  4. The ironing of the apparel gives a plain and straight surface and that makes it polished. In Photoshop we call it the retouching method which is an important part of digital photo manipulations.
  5. And, finally, the garment with all the enhancements is reviewed to check and correct so that the view gets no error.

Here Is Some Client Review

Isabella Paul

Isabella Paul


In Ghost Mannequin Services, you've done a fantastic job on the last three contracts. What else can I say? Adept Clipping Path, go ahead.
Isidoro Folliero

Isidoro Folliero


Adept Clipping Path's ghost mannequin services are rather impressive. The cutout is flawless, and the ironing is flawless. Overall, you received an A+.
Ciriaco Esposito

Ciriaco Esposito


You have a lot of experience with ghost effects, which shows in your work. I'm grateful to have such a capable picture editor on my team.

Elisabetta Angelo


The symmetrical ghost mannequin look I requested was just what I had hoped for. There are no flaws or mismatches to be found. Bravo to the Adept Clipping Path crew.
Oberto Esposito

Oberto Esposito


The ghost mannequin service had a secret task, which Adept Clipping Path also handled. I'm blown away by your concentration.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Ans: The use of these services is connected to the apparel business. And, if you are new and want to use your product images for marketing with a good boost, you need to use it. So, you can use the services for both online and offline presentations.

 Ans: The service is for everyone from the manufacturer to retailers who are connected to the apparel business and marketing. And, Adept Clipping Path is capable of handling all kinds of clients because we have been doing this for years.

Ans: Well, the charge for manipulation images is variable depending on the apparel complexity and enhancements required. So, you can have a better idea if you ask for a quote. The starting price is $2 per image.

Ans: Neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, and 360° rotation are all kinds of Image Manipulation Services that Adept Clipping Path serves with. And, the quality is always premium and uncompromising.


Adept Clipping Path offers a free trial of the Image Manipulation Service. We shall comply with your requirements as quickly as possible as well as deliver you the finalized file. You may also get a quote by submitting a photo and detailed information. Our customer service team will answer with a quotation as rapidly as feasible. Request a Quote.