Image Masking Service

Image masking is the process of taking an image out of it’s current background, ensuring that the entirety of the image remains intact. Using a background removal tool, it is possible to completely remove any unnecessary parts of an image, making it an incredibly useful tool for those photographers without a variety of backgrounds.

Who Might Use Image Masking?

There are a variety of people who might use an image masking service, but the majority of customers come from photographers. When creating a portfolio, it is not always possible to have an entire green screen set-up when taking pictures, and depending on what the client needs, some backgrounds may not be available in the surrounding areas. Image masking makes it possible for photographers to take a picture (or multiple pictures) and remove whatever background they currently have.

Background removal allows the photographer to create an entirely new background, and use the clipping removal tool to place the necessary parts of the image onto an entirely new background of the client’s choice. This means that the photographer no longer needs to be in a specific area to take their collage of photographs, and can simple use a backdrop when taking pictures.

Benefits of an Image Masking Service

With the cost of gas and transportation, budget is usually a key element of any photographer’s work. Image masking allows the photographer to cut out the cost of transportation when taking the pictures. No longer are long drives a part of the process, and when a client has a backdrop they would like in mind, it can usually be found online. This means that the task of finding the perfect area to take a photo is eliminated from the process as well, saving plenty of time, money and effort.

Other Uses for Image Masking

Although predominantly used by photographers and graphic designers, image masking is a great technique. When going through a divorce, a spouse can easily use the clipping removal experts to take their ex-loved one out of any picture they choose, thereby eliminating the need to go out and take brand new pictures to decorate the home.

For those who enjoy taking pictures at home, rather than paying a photographer, an image masking service is a unique tool that will allow them the comfort of their home when taking pictures, while still creating the exact image they desired. Also experts sometimes uses Clipping Path / Deep Etch and Background Removal tools to make a primary masking part of an image which you may also try with us.