What is Amazon Photo Editing?

Amazon Photo Editing, as the name suggests, involves editing the product photos that go into Amazon. Regarding Amazon, there are specific standards you must follow when you want to host your business on their site. Thus, to adhere to their requirements, you will need to edit your product photos. That is not to say that photo editing for Amazon does not have other benefits.

With Amazon product photo editing, you can enhance the quality of the product photo by adjusting its technical qualities. You can increase the visual appearance of the products by adjusting features such as brightness or color tone of the product and give them their realistic look. Moreover, there are always some distractions in the background that an Amazon picture editor can remove to bring the customer's attention to the product.

Furthermore, an expert can give your products a realistic shadow effect to make them appear more visually pleasing to the eye. Amazon Photo Editing involves everything that your product photos need to stand out.

Amazon Photo Editing Amazon Photo Editing services
Why Use an Amazon Photo Editing Service Why Use an Amazon Photo Editing

Why Use an Amazon Photo Editing Service?

When it comes to an E-commerce site like Amazon, you must ensure that your product images are of the highest quality as the competition is fierce on Amazon. One way to stand out is to have exceptional product images that entice the customer to purchase your product. As pictures are the first interaction, customers will have with your product. 

Of course, Amazon Product Photography has a significant role when taking the ideal pictures of your product. But it does not end there. To have a successful business on Amazon, you must consider Amazon Photo Editing to make your product images look visually stunning. 

There are many reasons for opting for an Amazon product photo editing service. With this service, you can bring the level of professionalism that your product photos need to be on Amazon. Editing product photos while adhering to Amazon's image requirements can get overwhelming and challenging, which makes this service vital for your business.


So far, you have read the What and Why of Amazon Photo Editing. But you need more than just reading to convince you of the necessity of an Amazon photo editing service. Effectively carrying out the task up to your standard plays a key role. We can alleviate some of your concerns with a visual representation of our sample work, as it is always more convincing when you can see something with your own eyes than just words.


You have already feasted your eyes with our exemplary samples above. Now, you can test our capabilities with your sample images and see if we can meet your expectations. Thus, try our Free Trial today and look at the results yourself. Or, if our samples superseded your expectations, get a Quote today and check out our reasonable prices. And do not worry; you can always negotiate.

Order From Our Exceptional Range Of Amazon Photo Editing Services

Here, you will find the most catered and frequently needed services by sellers on Amazon to meet their Amazon Photo Editing needs. After thorough market research and extensively working with our loyal clients over the years, we at Adept Clipping Path have developed a keen knowledge of the types of services needed in this sector. Different products require different editing needs, so we have a variety of services for you to choose from.

White Background Replacement

White Background Replacement

Start From-$0.50/image

Regarding photo editing for Amazon, it is specified in their Standard for Product Images that the background must be pure white. That is RGB (255, 255, 255). It is so because a distracting background will take the attention away from the product itself. Thus, it necessitates that there is effective background removal and replacing it with a white background. Here at Adept Clipping Path, we use various background removal techniques suited for the product in the image so that the product remains intact and appears flawless.

Product Shadow Effect

Product Shadow Effect

Start From-$0.25/image

Shadow is one of those features in an image that brings realism to the product. It prevents the image from looking out of place and makes it more naturally appealing to potential customers. To make products enticing, it is always vital for the customers to view the product as it may appear. Regarding Amazon product photo editing, we use our vast expertise in various shadow-applying techniques to display products in their best outlook. From product drop shadows to reflection shadows. Our experts got you covered.

Color Changing Correction

Color Changing/ Correction

Start From-$1.00/image

Color Correction is a natural part of an Amazon photo editing service, as it is vital to have product photos represent their realistic colors. Often due to different shooting conditions, the colors of the products may not appear as it is in photos. So color correction plays a major. Another thing that many Amazon sellers may focus on is changing the product's color to represent their collection, as taking photos of each variant can be very expensive. Thus, with our vast expertise in photo editing, we will bring your product photos to life.

Product Retouching

Product Retouching

Start From-$1.00/image

It is unnatural to assume that the product images right out of the camera will be flawless and will not require some form of editing or retouching. Product Retouching is needed to remove unwanted distractions, marks, or spots on the product's surface. Leaving inconsistencies in the product image will deter customers from making a purchase. Hence, by providing Product Retouching as an Amazon photo editing service, we will handle every obstruction with care and caution to make your products appear perfect.

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin/ Neck Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

Regarding clothing photos on Amazon, the most approachable method for advertising clothes is Ghost Mannequin or the Neck Joint method. It is where the dummy is removed, and various image manipulation techniques are used to display the interior of the clothing. It gives the clothing a hollow effect that lets potential customers see how it might look when worn. Our amazon picture editors have years of experience in giving you a flawless neck joint that even your customers cannot tell has been manipulated.

Image Resizing

Image Resizing

Start From-$0.25/image

According to Amazon's Standards for Product Images, your product photos must cover more than 85% of the image area. Another requirement involves that the image is 1000 px or greater on either of the sides. Being an Amazon seller, you are bound to focus more on the other aspects of the business instead of the photo editing and retouching side of things. Hence, you can leave it to Amazon editing services like ours to handle all your resizing needs. Our experts will resize your product images without any loss in quality while adhering to the standards.

Who needs an Amazon Photo Editing Service?

You have seen the services we mentioned above. We have curated these services over the years and worked with many companies and businesses to finalize them. Over the years, the businesses that require the above services are usually looking to succeed on an Eccomerce site. 

These can be businesses ranging from toy manufacturers, perfume distributors, tech gadget sellers, furniture dealers, or apparel suppliers. Even though these businesses sell and operate to target different audiences, they all require the same photo editing techniques and expertise to make their product stand out amongst the vast competitors on Amazon. 

Whether you are selling tables or chairs, teddy bears, or RC cars, your Amazon photos will require a background removal and replacement with a white background, and your product will need to have a realistic shadow effect to not appear out of place. Hence, if you are selling your products on Amazon, you will need Amazon editing services.

Who needs an Amazon Photo Editing Service Who needs an
What are the Benefits of an Amazon Photo Editing Service What are the Benefits of an

What are the Benefits of an Amazon Photo Editing Service?

Every business has several aspects that will need your attention. However, with an Amazon photo editing service, you can ease your mind regarding the effectiveness of your photo editing needs. They can pick up the responsibility of your Amazon photos while you are handling the other aspects.

Furthermore, opting for a service provider saves you the hassle of purchasing all the different hardware and software you will need for photo editing. Moreover, it saves you from paying a hefty monthly salary if you want to get the job done in-house.

Last but not least, you can save time and money with an Amazon picture editor on the job, as you won't need a photographer to take photos of the color variations of the same product. He can change the color in post-processing. Thus, all these cost-saving measures show how favorable it is to go for Amazon image editing services.

Processes Involved in Amazon Photo Editing Service

When it comes to Ecommerce Photo Editing for sites like Amazon, there are some tried and true processes that expert photo editors use. Lets us discuss a few here:

For White Background Replacement, our expert uses the Pen Tool to create an outline of the product, remove its background, and replace it with a white background.

For the Product Shadow Effect if our experts use the reflection shadow, then they will use the image of the product and reflect it and use the Gradient Tool to make the reflection.

When it comes to Color Changing/Correction, after selecting the area, you can use Layer Masking to change the color. It is a reversible non-destructive method to keep the original color.

For every service that you require, we at Adept Clipping Path can have the skills and dedication needed to succeed.

Why choose Adept Clipping Path for your Amazon Photo Editing?

We have come a long way in finding out the what and why of Amazon image editing services and who these services are for. Now let us enlighten you on why our Amazon Photo Editing Service at Adept Clipping Path is the one you should go for. Here are some of our core values and strengths that make us the most reliable and trustworthy choice:

Highly Skilled

Highly Skilled

Our experts undergo rigorous training and regular skill assessments to keep them completely qualified to handle any design and editing task. Here at Adept Clipping Path, we aim to supersede and improve upon our previously delivered work.

Exceptional Quality

Even though our experts are highly skilled, every task goes through an extensive quality control check to provide you with error-free results. We at Adept Clipping Path handle every task meticulously with the highest care and dedication.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Price is a major deciding factor when deciding which service provider you will choose. We are constantly working hard to be the most cost-effective service provider while maintaining the highest quality possible for all your Amazon product photo editing needs.

Great Time Management

Great Time Management

One of our strongest suits here at Adept Clipping Path is to deliver the task on time. We always aim to meet the deadline, so your business timelines are maintained and you can move forward with your project as planned.

Superb Customer Service

Our mission is to meet all your needs and provide exceptional customer satisfaction. We put the requirement of our customers above everything and constantly work towards meeting them. It is our highest priority.

Strong Adaptibility

Strong Adaptability

With the skills we possess and the dedication we show towards our customer's requirements, if such an occasion arrives where you will need to move up your deadline, we can adapt to the situation quickly and deliver high-quality output.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: The simple answer is Yes. When you have a well-edited image, the product will be more presentable to the customer, enticing them to make a purchase.

Ans: A white background makes it easier for you to identify the product features.

Ans: According to Amazon's product image requirements, the file formats you can use are TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Ans: Amazon accepts both sRGB and CMYK color modes for its product images.

Ans: Yes, we do. We provide Photo Editing Services for all E-commerce sites. You can visit our E-commerce Photo Editing service page to look at our services.


We at Adept Clipping Path are eager to showcase our capabilities and skills on your product images. Please provide us with your images, and we will work on them immediately. Try our Free Trial and be pleasantly surprised to get the most effective output for your Amazon product photos. Or if we have done an outstanding job convincing you of our abilities, get a Quote today.