What is Ghost Mannequin Service?

Regarding E-commerce listings for clothing items, it is always more appealing to customers to see the product alone. That is, a mannequin can distract a potential customer's focus away from the product itself. However, customers always want to view the product as it would appear when worn. So, to cater to these specific customer requirements, this specialized branch of image manipulation service exists.

In essence, Ghost Mannequin Service involves removing the mannequin from a clothing product and using other sources available to fill its hidden areas to give it a ghostly hollow look like a ghost wore the product. This hollow effect is what most E-commerce sellers and customers find appealing.

Furthermore, apart from this precise image manipulation technique used for clothing items, a service provider provides a few other services to enhance your clothing images to stand out. Thus, it is the whole package you will need to succeed in the highly competitive clothing industry.

Ghost Mannequin Services Ghost Mannequin
Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin

Who is Ghost Mannequin Service for?

Now, you might be wondering why exactly you would require this service for your clothing photos. So, let us discuss here whom this service is best suited for:

Suppose you are a Ghost Mannequin Photography Service provider. In that case, you may have a bulk of images that you need to edit, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Thus, opt for a service provider that specializes in removing mannequins. 

Now, you might be an up-and-coming E-commerce Clothing Brand. Instead of focusing on the business development strategies for your business, you would have to labor over a computer using photoshop to make edits to enhance your clothing photos. Why not hire experts who already have years of experience in that field?

Last but not least, you could be a freelancer or an agency with many projects in hand but not enough workforce to deliver them on time. Instead of having dissatisfied customers, outsource some of your workloads to specialized service providers.


When it comes to any ghost mannequin effect service providers, it is always easier said than done to deliver the quality output you can use for your business. Thus, having a visual representation of the work done by the service provider can give you peace of mind when deciding whom to offer your business to. This is why we would like to showcase our portfolio to you, as we are very confident with the professionalism shown in our work.


If our high-quality sample work has convinced you of our abilities, then take the opportunity to experience our Free Trial and get an immediate idea of how our services meet your needs. However, if you are already convinced that we are your service provider, get a Quote today. Our clients always appreciate our prices.

Choose From Our Superior Range of Ghost Mannequin Services

Regarding services that fall under Ghost Mannequin, we have the right combination of services for you. With years of first-hand industrial experience delivering the highest quality output for our esteemed clients, we at Adept Clipping Path have developed a range of services that will cater to your exact needs. Your business may require specific services, and we have you covered here.

Neck Joint

Neck Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

When it comes to Ghost Mannequin Service, Neck Joint goes synonymously and is often used interchangeably. This is because the neck area is usually the largest region a mannequin covers. Thus, removing the mannequin and manipulating different sources such as labels, size information, and brand names to fill that area requires high expertise. It is important to make the outcome flawless as it is usually the service that most clients often require. Thus, this service is one of our highest priorities.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Bottom Joint

Start From-$1.25/image

Like the Neck Joint service, Bottom Joint is also required as several dress types are short in front and large at the back. Thus, Bottom Joint must be done to show customers their genuine outlook. A genuine product image can always increase sales. Its success depends entirely on how they are represented to the customers. Hidden details are usually always deterring customers. Our expert ghost mannequin photo editors can remove the mannequin tactically and use sources from other images to fill in the bottom part.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Sleeve Joint

Start From-$1.50/image

Like the other services mentioned in the list, even Sleeve Joint requires the same expertise and effort from its editor. In many cases, they may even require greater concentration and effort for Sleeve Joint because the area for image manipulation is small that it requires careful handling. Here at Adept Clipping Path, as a ghost mannequin effect service provider, we look at every aspect of the clothing photo that requires these services and gives them the output they can display on their website or other E-commerce sites.

Back Part Joint

Back Part Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

Many sporting apparel are classified based on their fitting, and a significant part of that depends on the back part of the apparel. For a correct representation of the apparel, it is essential to do an excellent job for the Back Part Joint. Furthermore, the Back Part Joint is vital because, using this service, you can showcase a feature that the mannequin would have otherwise hidden. Our experts can create an exceptional-looking ghost mannequin representing the back part which will be visually pleasing to customers.

Wrinkle Removal

Wrinkle Removal

Start From-$1.50/image

Like ghost mannequins are specialized photo manipulation services, Wrinkle Removal is a specialized image retouching service for clothing. This service fits well with Ghost Mannequin Services because to represent a well-edited ghost mannequin clothing photo, you must also remove the wrinkles that are on the product before uploading it to an E-commerce site. Here at Adept Clipping Path, we use several retouching techniques to make your clothing image appear like the clothing item has been ironed.

Color Correction

Color Correction

Start From-$3.00/image

When it comes to ghost mannequin photography services, it becomes costly if you have to photograph every color variant of your clothing item. So, to make this ghost mannequin effect service your one-stop go-to service, we offer our ghost mannequin Color Correction service. From changing the color of your clothing photos to adjusting the color to represent how they appear in real life, our experts specialize in using every tool in their arsenal to deliver the best outcome for your clothing images.

Benefits of using Ghost Mannequin Service?

When we start discussing the benefits of a service that does ghost mannequin editing, you can find plentiful. Here are a few we mentioned below:

One of the essential benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service is cost savings. Instead of using a professional model to get a life-like look for your clothes, you can use a mannequin.

Followed by the use of ghost mannequin techniques to remove them and give the effect that serves the purpose of how the product will appear when worn. It makes them more appealing to the customers, and they can focus on the details that will help them to make their decisions.

Another thing this service does is that it gives your clothing products a three-dimensional look which is more approachable and life-like when promoting your clothing item.

Furthermore, using a service provider with dedicated experts to do these extensive editing on your clothing photos saves time. Giving you the time to focus your energy on other parts of the business.

using Ghost Mannequin Service Benefits of Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin Service Ghost Mannequin Services

Why is our Ghost Mannequin Service the one for you?

So far, we have given you an overview of why this is a viable service. Now, let us direct your attention to us being the service provider for you.

Yes, there are many service providers in this industry, but what makes us stand out is that we deliver unprecedented effort into providing the quality output your business deserves. Here at Adept Clipping Path, we work round the clock to improve our skills so that our customers are satisfied with the output and find success through our work.

Moreover, we continue beyond the bare minimum needed to deliver the task. We are continually updating ourselves with the latest skills and technology to stay competitive in this industry while offering everything our clients are looking for.

Our experts undergo rigorous training to keep them highly productive and deliver quality output in the shortest time. With such a well-trained team, we at Adept Clipping Path believe that we are a well-tuned machine that maintains the highest output standard. 

The Steps Involved in Our Ghost Mannequin Service

When it comes to Ghost Mannequin editing of a clothing image, there are certain things you can consider to create a successful workflow. Here are the steps we use for our workflow:

  1. Find the images that you can use as sources with your primary image
  2. Use Clipping Path as the method you can use to create a selection of the area you want to use for your ghost mannequin manipulation
  3. Bring the layer to the original image and use manipulation techniques and retouching techniques to adjust and fit into your original image 
  4. You can use color correction and other editing techniques to make it flawless. 

So, there you have it! We have successfully your photo editing techniques to create a ghost mannequin ready to be uploaded to an E-commerce site. 

Unique Features offered by our Ghost Mannequin Service

We have covered everything you need to know about ghost mannequin effect service. However, we want to give you that extra incentive to opt for us. Here are some unique features we offer in this service to convince you that we are the right service provider.

Highly Skilled

Resourceful Experts

We continually update ourselves as we believe there is no end to learning new things. Thus, here at Adept Clipping Path, we always aim to outdo ourselves with every project we undertake by using all the resources at our disposal.

Top-Noth Quality Control

Our every project goes through a three-point quality control check. We have dedicated experts catering to maintaining quality. We at Adept Clipping Path believe in providing error-free results that align with your needs.

Cost Effective

Reasonable Pricing

Pricing always plays a major role when deciding the service provider for your business. Thus, to build a lasting relationship with our clients we always offer reasonable prices. However, this does not mean that we will ever compromise on our quality.

Great Time Management

Fast Deliveries

We are aware of how time can be of the essence to become successful in today's world. Thus, we always strive to meet deadlines and deliver our tasks on time so you can move forward with developing your business. 

Great Customer Service

We always aim to ensure that our customers are delighted with our output. We are dedicated to meeting every editing requirement your clothing images will need. We always take the customer-first approach with all our clients.

Strong Adaptibility

Highly Adaptable

We have the skills and knowledge to accommodate any of your editing needs. Whether you want to change your editing requirement or move up your delivery timeline, we can adapt quickly to any situation and deliver quality results.


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James Wyatt


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: Yes, it is entirely possible to master these techniques. However, they take a long to master them. Experts spend years perfecting their workflow to provide Ghost Mannequin Services. Thus, outsourcing your work will be the most fruitful option for you.

Ans: Most photo editing experts use editing software like Photoshop, as it has extensive tools that you can use to make flawless ghost mannequin photos for your business.

Ans: When it comes to deciding whom to give your business to, you can consider a few things. First, you can always go through the sample they provide. Secondly, you can try out their free trial and see the first-hand result for your clothing images to see if it aligns with what you are looking for.

Ans: Post-processing always goes hand in hand with photography. By enhancing the images in post-processing, the images will have the allure needed to post on E-commerce sites. So, opting for a service provider is always the right decision.

Ans: Almost all apparel items, such as shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts, underwear, socks, and many more, will work well with ghost mannequin photo editing.


We at Adept Clipping Path are always eager to showcase what we are capable of to our potential clients. We want to build new relationships that can be mutually beneficial. So, take this opportunity to get a Free Trial on us or if you are already convinced of our capabilities then get a Quote from us today.